the remains of an insect that lived 95 million years ago

Baffling scientific discovery: the remains of an insect that lived more than 95 million years ago have been unearthed. Beyond belief.

Russia, place of discovery (Photo from Pixabay)

The work of archaeologists, paleontologists and scientists of all branches is of fundamental importance for understanding and reconstructing our past. Day after day, even the smallest fragments are examined, which contain immense knowledge within them.

The news we are about to cover comes from faraway Russia and sheds new light on what life (human and animal) was like in certain geographical areas of the country millions and millions of years ago. Let’s find out now and more closely what it is.

Russia, a team of paleobiologists brings back the remains of an insect that lived on our planet well over 95 million years ago

As we have just mentioned, the recent discovery comes from Russia even if the fruit of the work comes from the union of several experts from all over the world.

Insect preserved in amber (Photo from Pixabay)

One of the oldest fossils in history has been discovered in the Yakutia region, and within it something even more amazing: the probable discovery of a new animal species. The news went around the world, leaving scientists speechless.

This animal species was found inside an amber and the most striking aspect is its perfect conservation conditions. But how is such a thing possible? How could this happen?

The researchers were particularly surprised, after the first analyses, to learn that the insect (belonging to the beetle family) could be more than 95 million years old and have lived in what is called the Cretaceous period.

But that’s not all, because this discovery took place in a region that is by definition poor in animals. This aspect, in fact, definitely skews the cards on the table about what is believed to this day. To date, this is only the second such discovery.

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How did he end up in the amber? This question has a very simple answer: fly over it and not be able to break free.

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