the remains of an entire herd of dinosaurs have been found

Unprecedented discovery: the remains of an entire herd of dinosaurs have been found. The perfect state of preservation is astonishing. A news not to be missed.

Dinosaur Fossils (Image from Pixabay)

Italy becomes the protagonist of truly sensational archaeological discoveries. Today’s news is incredible, as for the first time the remains of an entire herd of dinosaurs have been brought back into fashion. The perfect state of preservation of the fossils is astonishing.

The discovery has shed new light on the territory under study, the fishing village in the province of Trieste. After a first analysis, it turned out that the remains found belong to the species of Tethyshadros insularis – herbivorous specimens.

Italy, Villaggio del Pescatore: the remains of a herd of dinosaurs have been brought back to life

As I just said, it is an incredible discovery, because for the first time an entire herd consisting of (for the moment) seven specimens has been found. It is not excluded that other remains may be found in the immediate vicinity.

Dinosaur Fossils (Image from Pixabay)

Most of the fossils found by archaeologists are kept in the Natural History Museum of Trieste and among them stands out the curious case of the dinosaur Antonio. His discovery is incredible because it is a specimen found in its entirety.

But that’s not all, because the place of recovery also clarified some gaps that existed in the area and provided the necessary information to study its characteristics and peculiarities. Antonio was discovered in 1994 by a geology student.

Its story immediately went around the world because – as mentioned above – it is a specimen found not only in a perfect state of preservation, but also complete with all its parts. It is indeed one of the best preserved dinosaurs.

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The discovery of the herd of dinosaurs, as mentioned, allowed not only the identification of new specimens, but also to understand some fundamental aspects of the territory in which the excavation campaign was carried out.

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