the remains of an ancient Byzantine convent have emerged

Extraordinary architectural discovery: the remains of an ancient Byzantine convent dating back around 1500 years have emerged. The details of the discovery.

Convent (Image from Pixabay)

We are fortunate to live in a world that truly offers us sensational wonders. Day after day, we witness the recovery and discovery of the traces of our past. Signs of a journey prior to ours, capable of providing us with a more complete vision of the evolutionary process.

Without a doubt, one of the lands that offers us a wide field of research is Israel, a place full of hidden treasures and of particular architectural beauty. Today’s discovery tells of one of the last excavations organized by the municipality. A strong emotion and a source of pride for all.

Israel, an extraordinary Byzantine convent unearthed. The details of the discovery

As we just mentioned, the news comes from Israel and sees the recovery of an ancient Byzantine convent around 1500 years old.

We are located in the province of Horbat Hani in the heart of Israel. The extraordinary discovery is due to the work done by some soldiers who unearthed the remains of the Byzantine convent. A campaign of excavations which is about twenty years old and which has since known the same enthusiasm.

The project was carried out by important representatives of the Israeli archaeological world and which today also sees the collaboration of the army. For the moment the site has been cleaned to allow 360┬░ use. Indeed, two neighboring buildings, belonging to the same church, were found.

But that’s not all, as some valuable mosaics have emerged inside, depicting wildlife environments. The discovery unearthed the entire complex, also equipped with other rooms such as cells, dormitories, crypts and some rooms inhabited by women.

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We could say with certainty, in fact, that the convent is now an entirely feminine brand. The nuns of the time welcomed pilgrims and the poor. This discovery contributes to the historical growth of the territory.

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