the remains of an amphora dating from 200 AD were found on the beach

A completely unexpected archaeological discovery: a Roman amphora dating from between 200 and 400 AD found – not to be missed.

Roman amphorae (Image from Pixabay)

Reading about an archaeological discovery is already very exciting, but being the promoter is a daydream. For a group of Italian tourists, it was possible to have this experience. A walk on the beach any summer day turned into something more.

All this took place in one of the most evocative and characteristic places of the Costa Smeralda. We are talking about the Gonnesa area, on the beach of Porto Paglia in Arzachena – considered one of the most beautiful in Italy not only for its crystal clear water, but also for the nature that surrounds it.

Remains of a Roman amphora found on the beach, Sardinia protagonist of an astonishing archaeological discovery

As we have just mentioned, Italy has once again become the protagonist of a surprising archaeological discovery. It is all the more so because it happened decidedly by chance. Tourists involved in the story as well as day-to-day archaeologists tell the whole story.

Group of Roman Amphorae (Photo from Pixabay)

Once they realized what they had just discovered, the competent bodies were immediately alerted, as well as the municipality of Arzachena and the Costa Smeralda Consortium. The Superintendency was also alerted, which was involved in the front line in the discovery of the amphora.

It is a very valuable find, despite the fact that the state of preservation is not the best. After an initial analysis, it was possible to estimate a date of belonging ranging from 200 to 400 AD. According to experts, the object was used to transport oil.

The artifact was therefore taken care of by the operators of the Consortium who provided security and protection. What are the characteristics of the amphora? Made of terracotta, it has a classic tapered shape. Used by the Romans for the transport of liquid substances.

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The discovery sheds new light on the entire territory of the Costa Smeralda and opens the doors to new thinking, as well as the cultural enhancement of the entire area linked to the discovery.

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