the remains of a turtle that lived more than 12 thousand years ago have been found

Incredible discovery from Italy: the remains of a turtle that lived more than 12,000 years ago have been found in a cave. Truly unbelievable.

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In recent weeks, our country has accumulated an impressive series of archaeological discoveries. More and more pieces are now being inserted into the complex puzzle of what our past was like. The discovery is due to a group of archaeologists from the University of Palermo.

The team of scientists worked near a burial area (dated to the Copper Age) working deep in a cave in the province of Bagheria: Zubbio di Cozzo San Pietro. It was only through radiocarbon analyzes that it was possible to establish with certainty the age of the fossil found.

Memorable discovery in Palermo: the remains of a turtle that lived on the island 12,500 years ago have been brought back to life

It is a turtle femur that belonged to more than 12 thousand years ago. This newly discovered species has been given the name Solitudo sicula and it is also the largest specimen in the entire Mediterranean.

As we said earlier, the research and excavation work was carried out by the University of Palermo which benefited from the valuable assistance of other departments around the world. The help of museums and research institutes in Spain, Germany and Poland is essential.

But back to the famous tortoise: it turned out that these gigantic animals have been inhabiting today’s Europe for millions and millions of years. Sicily itself hosted them until 200,000 years ago, so much so that many specimens have been found in the province of Ragusa and near Alcamo.

This exceptional discovery was made popular in the region of Palermo, precisely in the province of Bagheria. Found a femur in excellent condition. The name given to it, Solitudo sicula, comes from the fact that it is perhaps one of the last specimens to have lived on the island.

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Research work will continue both on the fossil found and in the area of ​​the discovery. These will be useful tools for establishing whether it was human presence that led to its extinction.

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