the remains of a new human species have emerged

A surprising discovery that has the potential to change the course of history: the remains of a new human species have emerged.

Prehistoric Men (Image from Pixabay)

In recent weeks, very important archaeological and historical research has been finalized. It is extremely complex to reconstruct in detail what happened to millions, but not impossible. What were the habits of early humans? What is their way of being in society?

More simply, what did they eat and how did they feed themselves? These are the questions and many more that scientists around the world are asking. Even the smallest testimony can be a valuable key to reading and understanding.

One of the most important discoveries ever made has China as the protagonist, where the remains of a human species have been found very close to Sapiens than Neanderthals. Not a recent discovery, as we are talking about a skull that belonged to a man who lived 146,000 years ago.

China, the remains of a human skull have been found. He could belong to a new human species close to the Sapiens

He was dubbed by archaeologists Dragon Man or Dragon Man because he was found in the Dragon River area in the northeast of the Chinese province. Let’s find out more.

Homo Longi Skull (Photo from Instagram)

The discovery took place completely randomly and by a non-expert. Let’s take a leap into the past until 1933, when a worker realized that he had a precious gift in his hands. He had the courage to hide it and keep it at home, so that the army would not take possession of it.

It was only in 2018 that the man decided to entrust everything to his nephew. Subsequently, the family decided to deliver the skull to the archaeologists of the Hebei Geosciences Museum, where it was possible to carry out geochemical analyzes which allowed a dating ranging from 146,000 to 309,000 years old.

He is a grown man, probably in his 50s. The measurements carried out made it possible to establish that the skull was much larger (approximately 7%) than that of a man today. Somatic traits see a very wide, rounded nose, prominent eyebrows, and completely flat cheeks.

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From the first studies it appeared that these specifications are quite rare and by crossing the data with other cranial measurements, it was deduced that the Dragon-Man could be evolutionarily closer even to Neanderthal sapiens and that he there might have been a coexistence of species. .

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