the reasons for the drastic decision

Like ATM, soon operations will no longer be able to take place. The reasons that led to the harsh conclusion.

ATM machine (pixabay)

A headache of the worst. Soon it will no longer be possible to withdraw at an ATM and the reason is unfortunately well established. The circumstances that have affected the whole world are also having repercussions on the banking system.

Between the pandemic and the Eastern conflict, there is no respite for poor taxpayers. These latest sad situations have brought the economy to its knees. Due to the strong covid contagion, the trade has stopped.

Industries closed, construction sites empty and the circulation of money destroyed. Moreover, the use of credit cards has greatly intensified over the past three years. The races were managed online precisely because of the impossibility of going out.

Bancomat, the ban that no longer makes the banking operation of use

All it took was one click and the groceries arrived at home. All this has led to the gradual disappearance of the traditional queue to withdraw from ATMs. An extreme situation that has caused the closure of bank branches precisely because everything is managed online.

Bancomat (youtube screen)

Some regions of Italy have already experienced a kind of “debancarizzazione”. The bank closes and citizens find themselves without a branch in their neighborhood of residence. Unfortunately, credit companies have had a hard time coping even with the requirement to work remotely.

It is this contribution that has caused the greatest use of electronic money. Precisely during the pandemic and therefore the confinement, transactions via ATMs fell by 22%. There are already many banks that do not have an ATM at all.

During the covid-19 affair, credit companies saw an increase in customer deposits and therefore also in management costs. Clients preferred to deposit to have the account ready for telematics trading.

The convenience of the online payment system meant that account holders did not have to go out to stock up at ATMs scattered around the region. Hence the decision to eliminate the ATM because it is no longer besieged.

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Credit institutions hope that the European Central Bank can circulate a new series of euro banknotes to facilitate the circulation of the paper monetary system.

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