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The Alps are not living well because of the changes of the earth. Scientists are concerned about the disastrous series of events.

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The Alps are not well, their health is bad. This is proven by an in-depth study conducted by a group of researchers. The news is not good at all and the worst is to be feared. In the rest of Europe too, things are not brought to a satisfactory level.

The alert is general: the snow is melting and the glaciers will soon be deprived of their perpetual white shield. For years, the watchword has been launched to best safeguard this great fortune, but today the facts concern a worrying situation.

Austria has little more than a few days to see its beautiful bare mountains. Here is the report of the naturalists who are constantly monitoring the disastrous situation. Thanks also to the Sonnblick Meteorological Observatory which recommends caution.

Carefree Alps, the snows are melting. An ecological drama

The Austrian research studio is located at the highest altitude in the world. It is located on a mountain about 3,000 meters above sea level. The researchers announced that the snows are melting a month earlier; never happened before.

Alps (pixabay)

What is alarming is that precisely these reliefs on the border with Italy have never dissolved except on very rare occasions. Today a map was drawn on the snowy mountains trying to make the differences and understand the most affected areas.

In Italy, things are not better. The tragic news of a few days ago on the Marmolada still does not come out. A whole frozen toast broke off the wall and fell. It formed a huge avalanche which went at 300 km/h.

He mowed down everything he found in his path and unfortunately there were a lot of skiers. Nowadays, caution is never called for because of the high temperatures which can melt the snow. A massacre of nature reflected in man.

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The gigantic wall of ice killed tourists and scattered others. A real drama that struck everyone and worried scientists. The climate is a disaster and man must fix it as soon as possible.

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