the reality that prohibits them. You can’t imagine why

There is a place in the world where the use of mobile phones has been banned for a specific reason, let’s find out which one. All the details.

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There is a place in the world where cell phones cannot be used. The place in question is in West Virginia, it’s Watoga State Park.

We are talking about a state park where you have to do without cell phones, smartphones, tablets with internet connection and some radios.

In case you find yourself there and try to send even a simple SMS or make a call or Google search, you will notice that all of this is impossible because there is no field.

I use cell phones, as it is not possible to use them in this place

This is especially the case in Pocahontas County. The ban is not related to an anti-technology law or economic reasons.

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Moreover, Watoga State Park is not even an isolated place and therefore is not a difficult place to reach. However, the fact is that cell phones have been banned for a specific reason that we are explaining to you now.

The reason for banning mobile phone services and radio transmissions on specific frequencies is due to the area’s proximity to the Green Bank Observatory.

It houses the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world. This telescope can detect radio emissions that can come from distances of light years.

Therefore, in order to prevent ground terminals from interfering with scientific research, the entire 13,000 square mile area around the telescope has been declared a National Radio Quiet Zone by the government.

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People residing in the place have found places where they can find a camp to be able to use mobile devices. It seems that some locals have to climb to the top of certain hills every time they want to make a call.

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