The priceless ancient coin exists: look for it from the grandparents

The piece is sought after for its skyrocketing price. Its dating goes back to the trading days of our ancestors when it was in use.

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The beloved old Liras never go out of style. The most sought-after currency is precisely this one, the one that seems to be old coinage. The production has ceased to exist for twenty years now. Their value is very high if you end up with a rare and valuable coin.

The one currently under consideration is precisely one of the smallest cups. The famous 50 lire which could give the joy of an ice cream to a child or a tip for an occasional service. It was in use a long time ago and the change was so coveted by traders that the rest was given on the races.

The denomination of the smallest coin, today in great demand, Auctions are still beating their value, which punctually rises sharply. Just present them in the best way. Their maintenance is essential if violates get a big nest egg with its sale.

The vertiginous piece that is worth a treasure. The treasure hunt is well worth the effort

Online, there are professionally written sites ready to be reviewed. If you have a part that meets the requirements, you should give it a shot. It is free and requires a few accurate shots of the penny that we want the expert team to see.

The classic 50 lira that we all know is the Vulcano. This is a highly sought after unique piece. The one dated 1950 was sold for around 3,000 euros. One from 1953, on the other hand, was sold for a record figure of almost 12,000 euros.

The 50 small liras dated from the 90s were also part of the monetary system. These coins have a low value but collectors love them. There are several examples with stains due to typing errors. It makes the difference.

But the cult coin currently under scrutiny is the old 50 lira Anvil from 1954. It is so rare that even the Mint has failed to keep one. It is possible that it is hidden and forgotten in some furniture of our grandparents. It immediately attracts attention with the diversity it possesses.

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On one side of the medal is engraved the mulierbe head of a woman with a crown of oak leaves. Italian Republic registration applies. On the other side there is only an anvil and a hammer resting on a stump. A real rarity which brings the sale to around 25 thousand euros.

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