the novelty that drives swimmers crazy

It’s definitely something really handy that didn’t exist before and makes everything more within reach.

A beach with bathers (Pixabay)

In this period, certainly, many people in all regions of Italy have decided to treat themselves to a well-deserved vacation. Of course, not everyone may have had the opportunity to take several days off, especially due to the economic crisis that has spread in recent years.

But anyway, if you had the opportunity to go somewhere, to tell the truth, you certainly cannot say that you did not find traffic and a lot of tourists everywhere.

Of course, as always, in times of sweltering heat, there are those who prefer to cool off in mountainous places and those who want to relax on a deck chair and sunbathe or take a dip in the sea.

In short, the choice, in this case, is obviously personal, and depends precisely on the needs of each of us. However, with regard to coastal areas, in reality, as is known, there are two other options.

Yes, because some tourists could therefore be particularly attracted by the so-called free beaches, where they are accessible without any payment and where unspoiled nature reigns.

Others, however, may prefer the convenience of bathing establishments, which for many years in different parts of Italy have been plentiful and well organized.

Thus, around the beautiful country you can find beaches maintained in the best way, equipped with different amenities, such as, for example, bars, cabins, public toilets, mobile kiosks for ice cream and granitas, showers, And much more.

The winning idea in Sardinia

Well, in short, to tell the truth, if you thought you had already seen everything, in reality, you could be wrong. Yes, because lately another novelty has arrived in Sardinia, in the province of Cagliari.

Bancomat ATM at Vanity Beach (Facebook)

We refer to the idea that materialized in Solanas thanks to an intuition of the owner of the public baths called Vanity Beach.

Well, after repeatedly hearing bathers asking where the nearest ATM was, so a winning solution was devised.

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Here, therefore, for all those who are on the aforementioned coast, there is even the possibility of having an ATM mobile station to withdraw directly from the beach.

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