the new rules of the highway code

The government has launched the key points for speed cameras. The new rule was imposed after carriers dissatisfied.

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It’s one of motorists’ biggest nightmares. The radar is now present on all types of roads. They were created to track speed-related vehicle flows. For many years, they have been positioned at crucial points without even having the slightest suspicion of their presence.

They are found on long distance direct stretches where it is easy to press the accelerator. Anyone, despite a signal, travels over the limit. Cars are produced more and more maneuverable and faster. It’s nice to hit the throttle when it’s on a comfortable, straight stretch of road.

However, insidia is around the corner as the machines are there and not always signposted. This subterfuge of the municipal police has long filled the coffers of the town. They were hiding everywhere and you had to respect the speed limits.

Speed ​​cameras Once the new rules are enacted, the fine will only be triggered depending on the traffic regulations

The driving school teaches you to respect the signs and this is completely legitimate. Unfortunately, the speed cameras were not always positioned in accordance with the regulations. The new machines are really special. They are able to measure how to move when approaching the radar.

speed cameras (pixaby)

It is useless to decelerate a few tens of meters before because the velox has already memorized the news and triggered the fine if the signal is exceeded. The rules of the road are clear and the rules must be respected. But today there is also good news.

The owners of cars and trucks filed a complaint where they declared the impossibility of driving without the panic of the fine.

Thanks to the carriers’ organization, the government decided to accept their dissatisfaction and enact a provision. According to some, blackberries were a real business. From the end of August, the radars will only aim to ensure safety on the roads.

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The new rule will come into effect from the fall. Machinery not reported or hidden from road users will be prohibited. They will therefore prohibit the concealment of radars to facilitate the fine for motorists.

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