the new check for more than 900 euros without ISEE. Requirements

The well-known social security institution has decided to release another attractive amount of money to a special category of citizens.

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In this last period, especially following the pandemic caused by the health emergency, as we have been able to realize, there has been some financial aid from the State, granted to various categories of workers or retirees.

And, nevertheless, to make matters worse and further tighten the belt to the Italians, even the war conflict that broke out between Russia and Ukraine took care of this.

Of course, it should be clarified that the bonuses were not intended for everyone without distinction, and generally, therefore, they were designed to help all those who in particular cannot boast of having very high incomes.

Of course, each time, however, it is not so simplistic, since, before requesting collection, it must be checked whether the necessary requirements can be met.

In general, among other things, it is the ISEE that is the pass for certain incentives. In fact, the acronym in question, in its entirety, should be understood as an equivalent economic situation.

In short, most often the above is a prerequisite for asking for a certain amount of money. However, this time it seems that it is not necessary to show this document to collect the new premium paid by the INPS.

The other details

In fact, providing aid to the weakest group and with reference to Law 104, additional economic aid has been established for 2022 that will go to support those who fall into the category of disabled people.

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Thus, going into detail, the pension organization in question will grant a care allowance of more than 900 euros within three months of the issue of a certificate.

The high amount mentioned above will therefore be recognized for citizens who are in a state of total disability, for example, the absolutely blind and the disabled.

In this case, therefore, in the first place, it will be necessary to obtain recognition of civil invalidity. Then, you can continue the procedure by submitting the application via the official INPS website and logging in with your SPID, CIE or CNS credentials.

Finally, however, if you are unable to use the platform or if you prefer to get help from a professional, alternatively, you can contact a CAF or a competent patronage in your area.

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