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It is definitely a bad time for many Italians, who in addition to the problems of rising prices now have to deal with an invasion of bedbugs.

Asian bed bug (Instagram screenshot)

With the arrival of summer, in particular, there is also that of these unpleasant little insects, which in addition to being ugly to look at, also give off a very unpleasant smell. We are talking about bed bugs, which are sometimes found on laundry hanging outside, but also on windows or corners of the house.

There is one, in particular, which has recently infested Northern Italy, more precisely Lombardy, and which, despite its very low tonnage, the displacement in colonies does a lot of damage. This is certainly not an absolute surprise, given that the Coldiretti had already raised the alarm in 2018. It is the marble bed bug or Halyomorpha halys, better known as the Asian bed bug.

These beings have the ability to destroy 20-40% of crops, and are therefore considered troublesome and devastating enemies by farmers.

Bed bugs: how to defend against their invasion

But how can farmers defend themselves against their invasive and deleterious presence which has already damaged crops of tomatoes, green beans and soybeans, but also kiwifruit, grapes and peaches. Also given the drought situation, it becomes essential to find an organic solution that does not impose fruit and vegetables with pesticides.

The solution came from none other than Fabio Rolfi, Lombardy’s regional councilor for agriculture, food and green systems, who suggested using an insect against these animals, to avoid the use of harmful substances. both for cultures and for humans. This is the Vespa Samurai, which although its name may be misleading, is nothing more than a particular species of gnat.

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Indeed, these little creatures have the curious prerogative of ruining and destroying the eggs of Asian bedbugs, thus blocking their proliferation. A natural and smart way to avoid losing crops.

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