the most critical time of the year is coming. Dates with a black stamp

As every year, the Motorways communicated the Summer Mobility Plan, with the most critical departure dates for the summer holidays. Here are the days with a black or red sticker.

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We are almost there: a few more days and Italy will be struggling with the summer exodus. Millions of citizens will travel on the country’s highways to reach the various resorts, and heavy traffic is expected which could paralyze the highway network of the Peninsula.

For this reason, Anas and Viabilità Italia have organized the usual summer mobility plan for 2022, with advice, suggestions and above all the indication of the supposedly more difficult dates for motorists.

Precisely to avoid further inconvenience to motorists, Anas took measures to remove from July 8 to September 4 more than 500 construction sites on the roads, in order to facilitate the circulation of cars. But what are the dates on which citizens should pay attention, avoiding travel as much as possible?

Autostrade per l’Italia: red and black stamp dates

Apart from the weekend which has just passed, the forecasts estimate that the next difficult weekend will be that of August 6-7. From Saturday morning to Saturday early afternoon, the sticker is black (critical traffic). Instead, it will be red all day Sunday.

Heavy traffic is also expected for the other two weekends of the month, that of 20-21 and that of 27-28. Anas’ advice is to drive the vehicle after having it checked before leaving, and to check the weather and traffic conditions first. In addition, concentration during the journey and the use of safety equipment, seat belts, both front and rear, are imperative.

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Real-time information on traffic conditions will be updated and made available on Isoradio, Onda Verde, Rai and Teletext channels. Anas GO app also available.

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