The Ministry of Health launches the vaccination, the fourth dose is ready: who can access

The Ministry of Health has published the new order where it invites you to take precautions against covid 19. The category taken into consideration.

Ministry of Vaccines (pixabay)

It’s been in the air for a while and it’s now become a reality. The Ministry of Health took the decision to vaccinate a category. Covid 19 does not mention its course and recently infections have tripled. A real concern even if it does not seem as dangerous as in the past.

The images of the military trucks transporting the coffins will certainly not be forgotten any time soon. The pandemic surprised us like a thunderclap. A real blow that literally shut our mouths and also at home with the various confinements.

An apocalyptic scenario that seemed endless. Fortunately, science has found the solution in a vaccine that protects against the heavier effects of the virus. The government has strongly advised indulging in vaccination to try to curb the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health sets in motion the machine to vaccinate, the category called on appeal

The contagion prevention center recommends that people over 60 make the fourth call. They are the most fragile subjects and must have the injection to preserve their health. The invitation is for those who took the last dose more than 6 months ago.

Ministry of Vaccines (pixabay)

The vaccine is a lifesaver and should be done to protect yourself and also to protect others. It has been found that with doses, in the event of contagion, the organism reacts better to the defense thanks to the reinforced system. Hospitals also have fewer critical care jobs.

It must be a choice dictated by morality. The joint note from the special ministry says that everything is soon ready for the category invited to be vaccinated. Of course, everything will start shortly when you return to ordinary daily work.

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Everything will be updated from the day after publication in the Official Journal of the Aifa agency. The fourth dose could start as early as Wednesday the 13th. Everything is ready for those who want to continue protecting themselves against the virus that is still circulating.

Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Piedmont, Friuli and Lazio have already joined the new campaign

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