the method up to 150 euros that not everyone knows

Sometimes you need to withdraw money for small daily purchases, but finding an ATM is not always easy. How to do?

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The state’s Cashless plan had one main objective: to reduce cash trafficking in order to encourage traceable money movements. This is why it has become very simple to use a bank card for any type of payment… or almost. Indeed, in everyday life, it happens to need cash, especially for small purchases: think of breakfast at the bar, or purchases at the tobacconist.

What if you need to withdraw cash but there’s no ATM in sight? There are innovative and unexpected solutions, let’s discover together the best options for withdrawing money without resorting to an ATM.

How to withdraw money if you don’t have an ATM nearby? The new methods

In addition to traditional and costly cash withdrawals (in terms of time and practical management) in branches, there are innovative methods to be used in tobacconists or supermarkets, dedicated to customers who need to have access to money even if no ATM is available. An example is the Banca5 method made available by Intesa San Paolo for its clients. Its operation is simple: you just have to go to one of the 15,000 tobacconists affiliated with the service and withdraw up to 150 euros by presenting your card, document and tax code.

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Alternatively, many businesses, including supermarkets, have agreements with ATMs that allow customers to get cash at the end of a purchase. In this sense, the cashback mode can also be useful. With cashback, in fact, all you have to do is make a purchase to obtain a sum of money that will be debited directly from the customer’s bank account once the purchase operation has been completed.

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These are procedures that allow the movement of cash safely, perfectly useful and functional. Especially in the case (not so rare) when it is difficult to access an ATM.

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