the life of the star is in middle age

It shines on the whole globe but also has its ills. The Sun has arrived halfway and scientists do not lose sight of it.

Sun (pixaby)

This could turn out to be alarming news. The Sun is the largest and most prominent star orbiting in space. The fireball towers high in the sky and reflects a lot of sunlight back to Earth. Its presence is vital as it is the focal point of the entire galaxy.

The latest research has led to the creation of photovoltaic systems using its energy. The heat is attracted incorporated in a technological mechanism which transforms this power into electrical energy. The sun is the source of life and for this reason sooner or later it will cease to exist.

The largest “planet” in space is of advanced age. This is confirmed by the Gaia satellite, which is currently more than a million and a half kilometers from our planet. Its task is to monitor and find out news from the solar system. Today, the sun is about 5 billion years old.

Sun and years, the “descent” life of the brightest star in the solar system

Its lifespan is estimated at 11 billion years. It is now halfway through, but when it begins to fade, there will be major reversals throughout the Universe. On the verge of death, the sun will turn into a giant red star. All the hydrogen it has will be converted into pure oxygen.

This process will result in a higher carbon drive. When it all comes to an end, the bright star will turn into a white dwarf. Over time, it will lose its heat and turn into a black dwarf. According to experts, the sun is in a stable period for now.

His death is expected in millions and millions of years because his transformation will have a terrible impact on the solar system. Our planet Earth will become like a burnt rock and there will be no more life. The Gaia spacecraft keeps spinning and bringing updates.

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ESA is the ground study center that reviews the data submitted by the satellite. The terrestrial sphere constantly monitors the life of the sun.

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