the Italian seas are full of them. Discomfort for swimmers

Jellyfish alert: the Italian seas are full of them. Discomfort encountered by swimmers. When will the wave end? All the details to know.

Jellyfish (Image from Pixabay)

Our sea is breathtaking: crystal clear water, stretches of warm and soft sand. But we have to be very careful of the dangers. There are many traps for swimmers. You have to be very careful before diving, to avoid being caught off guard.

What dangers am I talking about? One of them is undoubtedly the presence of jellyfish in the water. A risk for humans because of its pungent bites, but also a nuisance. What’s happening in the Italian seas? Let’s find out together.

The jellyfish alert goes off: the Italian seas are full. Many reports and dissatisfaction of tourists

For several weeks, nothing has been done except to report the presence of huge quantities of jellyfish in the Italian seas. The data worries the Italians who cannot get wet.

Jellyfish (Image from Pixabay)

Reports from tourists about the large number of jellyfish present in the Italian seas arrive exponentially. The alarm goes off and the worry of a possible bite. What are the most affected regions of our country?

The entire Salento region is particularly affected by this phenomenon. The sea, in fact, has been invaded by the Pelagia nocticula, a particular species that lights up at night. They will also be fascinating to watch, but they are a real nuisance for vacationers.

Complaints come mainly from the Lecce region, where the highest rate of animals at sea has been recorded. There is a lot of concern on the part of tourists, but also of the owners of establishments who have been unable to do anything to unblock the situation.

According to experts, it is a natural phenomenon that tends to have a very short duration. It is enough to wait for the end of the life cycle of these animals. There are many testimonies of similar events in previous years.

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Many have tried to capture them, but it’s an almost impossible mission. It is also impossible to get wet, because their tentacles are especially dangerous for humans. Painful and stinging bites.

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