the investigation of two journalists. The details

The collapse of births in Italy is a fact that worries more every year. The investigation led by two journalists arrives. The details of the case.

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The beautiful large families of the past are a very rare phenomenon to see at least in Italy. In our country there is a figure that is alarming to say the least and which sees a substantial demographic collapse. Around 400,000 births were recorded in 2021 alone.

It emerged, in fact, that this sharp drop had already been noted in previous years compared to other European States. For many, however, this is nothing to worry about as other factors are taken into account. Let’s find out together what it is.

Collapse of births in Italy, two journalists from Il Messaggero tell us about it in an investigative book

As we just mentioned, 2021 saw a very low number of births in our country. If we think back to the early 1960s when an average of about one million children were born, we have to ask ourselves a few questions.

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Two Italian journalists try to answer the questions: Luca Cifoni and Diodato Pirone – very attentive voices of our country and always at the forefront to tell its critical problems. Through the pages of a forthcoming book, the two explain what the demographic crisis is.

But not only, because their intention is to talk about it as a real emergency and not as a numerical data to be analyzed. In The Cradle Trap, the two journalists want to give a different interpretation of this phenomenon and they do so from 1964.

It was a year to keep in mind when it came to births, as over a million babies were born. Journalists compared that number to 2021 and wondered from there. How can this be explained to us?

We must first consider the migratory flow: this means that our country is slowly depopulating. The scarcity of jobs is forcing more and more people to leave the national territory for foreign countries.

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Among other considerations, of course, the need to help families in difficulty and the possibility of reassessing certain rules concerning adoptions.

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