the historical discovery raised from the dust of the archives

Who really invented penicillin? The historical discovery of the dust of the archives. All the details not to be missed.

Alexander Fleming (Photo from Instagram)

Let’s clarify what penicillin is and its discovery. Scientifically speaking, they are beta-lactam antibiotics produced by a particular fungus. Today it is available in pharmacies and can be administered orally or as drops under the skin.

Who discovered it? The most common answer is Alexander Fleming – biologist and pharmacologist. He is also the author of numerous scientific and innovative texts. He is credited with the discovery of penicillin in 1928. As such, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine a few years later.

Are we really sure that the discovery of penicillin is attributed to Fleming? Let’s find out together what came out of it

In reality, that’s not exactly the case, as it turns out that it wasn’t Fleming who discovered this powerful antibiotic. What emerges?

Vincenzo Tiberio (Photo from Instagram)

Apparently there is something wrong, as Fleming may not be the true discoverer of penicillin. Well yes, no one would have ever expected that. It is necessary to make a good return in the past and arrive in 1895, when the Italian Vincenzo Tiberio publishes a very interesting study.

Tiberio 35 years before the Scottish scientist, had examined the bactericidal potential of moulds. So we wonder why we didn’t give him the credit? The Italian was on vacation with an uncle when he realized that mold on the old well was causing the whole family discomfort.

Once he collected a sample and brought it to the lab, he observed and experimented. The results were striking and surprising. In fact, he extracted a sort of concentrate from what is today the modern antibiotic. At the time, however, its publication in a journal did not yield the expected results and for this reason it was forgotten.

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With Fleming, on the other hand, the scientific community literally changed register, so much so that in the 1940s the first experiments were completed, which obtained surprising results.

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