the environmental countdown will be inevitable

The Alps are suffering and a metamorphosis has already begun. Iacopo Gabrielli, an expert in the sector, shouts at the possibility of the snow disappearing.

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Unfortunately, climate change is collapsing almost everywhere. In our peninsula, the Alps suffer the most, the magnificent mountain range suffers and cries it out. They are no longer the mountains they used to be and can be seen even with the naked eye.

The defense of northern Italy is undergoing an incredible transformation. Between the living dead, there will be the point of no return. Environmental glaciologist Jacopo Gabrieli has sounded the alarm. The young professor from Belluno has an excellent preparation from the University of Padua.

His research and his commitment to the cause of nature are tireless. It all started with his great passion for the mountains. After an excursion of several years, he was able to do his own checks on the evolution of the climate impact. He put it in black and white.

Alps, relentless SOS. The danger of melting glaciers persists

Gabrieli is not only known for this, he has also participated in important projects abroad. He is a mentor regarding the glacier itself. Jacopo is an industry expert and has more than once formulated his assumptions about the ever-changing alpine climate. A worrying affair.

Alps (pixaby)

The scientist affirms that with this terrible tendency in some time the glaciers will disappear. We could witness a change of landscape which is a real violence to the eye. Maybe you won’t be able to ski anymore and you won’t be able to make those splendid climbs in the middle of freezing cold.

Jacopo Gabrieli has just launched yet another SOS because he takes the situation to heart. A disaster could revolutionize the appearance of the splendid chain of the Alps, destination of sportsmen and tourists. A real spearhead whose appeal also extends abroad and to well-known personalities.

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The delicate mountain system is in dire straits. The ecological situation is at its last limit and we must act as quickly as possible. Green takes the place of whiteness because ice gives space. A phenomenon never seen before which worries the glaciologists who have come to monitor the Alps.

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