the Domus highlights a strange “banned” piece of furniture

Exciting new discoveries in splendid Pompeii. The site reappears in its dazzling artisanal beauty.

Pompeii (pixaby)

Time rewards fans and Pompeii never tires of emerging in all its extraordinary beauty. Centuries have passed since this terrible eruption of the Campano volcano. Vesuvius woke up very angry, and its lapilli reached 30 km in height.

An unclear number of villages were scattered around the mountain. The volcano was respected and the population captivated by its majestic beauty. In an indefinite time the earth began to shake until the lava reached its limit.

The splendid Pompeii was the first to be invaded and people died under the blows of the pumice stones that Vesuvius “vomited”. An unprecedented tragedy, an explosion that killed many people. Today, the ancient city shines after so many archaeological works.

Pompeii never ceases to breathe art and culture, besieged by tourists

The local team never stops its work to highlight the architectural beauties. We often hear about the latest discoveries that literally take your breath away. Priceless treasures such as paintings, mosaics, buildings and gardens.

Pompeii is a real source of creativity from the past. The search continues intrepidly to uncover new tapes of history from the era. Today it is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. Especially in summer, tourists who stay on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

This Domus is very dear to the discoverers because a closed cupboard was also found. Here, the furniture it contained has found new life. Bowls covered with crockery that refer to the craftsmen of that time.

The teachers explain that this piece of furniture may have belonged to a family that rented. Next to it were a bed and a chest. We even found a sheaf containing documents which, even calcified, are legible.

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The 79 AD eruption shines with incredible light today. The latest news tells us about a find that has made the experts happy. A laid table was found which probably belonged to a lower middle class family.

The discoveries will be better defined and then brought back to the adjoining museum for the greatest pleasure of visitors. The theater is accessible to everyone.

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