The core of the Earth is in transformation: the concern of the scientists

The Earth’s core sends signals that worry the team of experts. What is happening according to astronomers.

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Scientific study does not stop its research in the terrestrial realm. The metamorphosis of the Earth’s core has recently been examined. A situation that has raised concern because it is constantly evolving.

A group of researchers wanted to see things clearly in order to provide the necessary explanations. Something unimaginable is happening at the center of our planet. Earth is the only known inhabited place in the vastness, it is devastated by dramatic events.

A team of scientists has made an exceptional discovery that takes place in the center of the Earth. The monitoring is led by geoscientist Ying Zhou of the Virginia Tech College of Science Department of Geosciences.

Earth’s core at center of researchers’ incredible discovery

In practice, it happened that due to an imperceptible anomaly, the famous Chinese scholar developed an exceptional revelation. The case examined is in the earthquake of about twenty years ago compared to the one that occurred a short time ago.

Core (pixabay)

The famous professor Ying Zhou wanted to get to the bottom of two particular seismic phenomena. The first dates from May 1997 in the Kermadec Islands in the Pacific Ocean. A devastating entity. The second had touched the same area after twenty years.

The earthquake caused gigantic seismic waves from the same place. It is natural to expect them to be of the same intensity and instead the finding is precisely this: there is an imperceptible dysfunction that makes the difference. The speed between the two earthquakes, albeit slightly.

Waves from the second earthquake transmitted faster speed, if only by a second. According to the study, this happened because the density of the outer core itself changed, so there was an evolution over time.

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The so-called “convective movements” of the mantle allow the earth’s magnetic field to exist. The Coat is the part which covers the central core and which is liquid, its most external part is in contact with the crust which is cold. Here the chaos revealed by the research took place.

For now these are only theories, greater results are expected from the study.

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