the cockroach lived with the dinosaurs 100 million years ago

Small, but certainly very scary: the remains of a cockroach that lived with the dinosaurs 100 million years ago have emerged. Do not miss.

Predatory cockroach (Photo from Instagram)

Millions and millions of years ago, surviving on Earth was a difficult mission and not for everyone. You had to be smart, quick to get food, hide it, and not be food for someone much older.

It was probably a lot easier for the dinosaurs, but not for everyone. The T-Rex, for example, considered jungle predators to be feared by all other animals. Huge, powerful, razor-sharp teeth and lightning-fast fangs.

In fact, it turned out that big doesn’t necessarily mean fearful. The reason why? The remains of a very small cockroach that lived 100 million years ago have been found. He was also very dangerous. Let’s find out why.

Fast and unscrupulous predator. Cockroach that lived more than 100 million ago with dinosaurs: its remains found in amber

The remains of a very small cockroach were found inside an amber: this makes it even more particular and interesting to study.

Predatory cockroach in an amber (Photo from Instagram)

What came out of the details of the research? Let’s start by saying that the place of discovery is Burma, exactly in Myanmar – where the gemstone with the curious animal inside was found. It has been there for over 100 million years.

Its size is very small, but that did not prevent it from being a problem for its congeners. Ruthless and predatory at night, the Manipulator modiaputis (that’s its name) has features very similar to the praying mantis.

The reason is very simple: he remembers his appearance with his long neck and very large eyes which he used to see his prey better. Very quick to catch up with them, it has small legs which it uses to immobilize the opponent.

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Studies have pointed out that during the Cretaceous period, our planet was populated by various animals such as predatory cockroaches.

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