the astronaut films an exceptional event from space

The famous Samantha Cristoforetti wanders into infinity. The photos posted highlight an event of incredible rarity.

Samantha Cristoforetti (instagram)

The vastness of space has been crossed by the umpteenth aeronautical expedition. Samantha Cristoforetti is the lucky one who bravely navigates galaxies and black holes to advance research. “Astrosamantha” as former President Napolitano called it.

He realized the dream of wandering in the starry Universe. It’s not his first mission and he’s always happy to come back for the trip. This time, she left on April 27 for an expedition that will end after 5 months. The incredible astronaut is very active on social networks.

He insists on documenting the mission of which he is a part. The spacewalk for maintenance of the missile that housed it was historic. A live that made the audacity of the very young scientist shiver during her first mission.

Samantha Cristoforetti walking in space, the surprise leaves the fans speechless

Cristoforetti never fails to display the operations she performs in space. He sent back wonderful photos of the Italian peninsula lit up at night. It resumed sunrise and sunset. Admirable is the mastery with which the expedition operates with its colleagues.

A lot of study and a lot of preparation to seize this place in the front row. Lately, Samantha had decided to film an event always considered very difficult to film. And instead, the Minerva mission gave him the high honor after so much patient waiting from the portholes of the base.

The astronaut was able to capture the Northern Lights which stood out in a vivid shade of green that slowly turned red. An emotion experienced first hand but that he wanted to share on Twitter with all his followers. A flurry of emotions.

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The images of another natural event were not lacking this time at the extreme North Pole. The aurora astral caught the attention of the engineer’s camera. Essential companion of his missions and always ready to stop time for filming.

There was no shortage of auspicious comments with the hope that astro Samantha could still publish the wonders of Creation.

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