the areas of the peninsula affected by the events

They make victims and panic. Lightning strikes heavily in many places in Italy. Better to be careful in these places.

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This bad weather has a great impact on the summer and on the bad mood of the citizens. The peninsula is affected by sudden and deadly lightning. All the fault with a weather which makes tantrums and does not want to know how to calm down. The situation has been raging for several months now.

It was early spring when the sky was clear and the sun beamed down with its warm rays. A little too much for the season but a real panacea after a hard and long winter. Suddenly comes the disruption that would have characterized the entire summer of 2022. And it’s not over yet.

From the Saharan desert, a series of fiery anticyclones lapped the Italian coasts. In some areas of the hinterland, peaks of 40 degrees were recorded. Stifling heat and searing temperatures. An abnormal wave that never breathed.

Blue lightning strikes and casualties in parts of Italy.

With the arrival of summer, the weather has deteriorated and every day we see hot days with cloudy skies. The humidity that we perceive makes everything worse and the only solution is to hope that soon there will come a time that amuses the bon vivants.

Tourism has boomed but even on the beach the peak hours have had a lot of inconvenience. The sea breeze blowing is hot and does not bring much cooling. Exits from the house are very limited for those who have not had the opportunity to be able to move from the city.

Something is moving on the horizon and unfortunately without being a good omen. Due to some disturbances coming from the Alps, the temperatures recorded atmospheric imbalances that created the formation of very dangerous sudden lightning strikes.

Unfortunately, many of these landfills fell in Italian locations, surprising some citizens. A fatal force for many.

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The beautiful Sardinian island has become the protagonist of a series of natural events that have also struck some inhabitants fatally. Even in Sicily and Calabria, lightning struck causing death. Take care and take shelter indoors at the first sign of thunderstorms.

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