The 1000 Lira that promises easy wins, uniqueness is in the “face”

La Lira returns in all its issues. A lucky ticket brings a small nest egg if you have it.

Lira banknote (pixaby)

Among the pieces, the Lira is certainly the most accomplished. The old currency has gone through many years in the Italian commercial and economic trend. They consisted of banknotes of different denominations and a number of coins of more or less the same size.

The small change hadn’t been active for some time. They had been banned and those of 50, 100 and 200 lire remained unchanged. After some time, the 1000 lira coin also appeared for the first time. The ticket became iron and was well received.

Suddenly, there is talk of a united Europe and the possibility of bringing the whole continent to use a single monetary system. The stake will be the Euro and everyone will have to use it. Britain held on to the beloved pound until it went public again.

The Lira who made history, the woman who invented the new teaching method

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the thousand lira note was the highest monetary expression. Whoever owned it was really very rich, at least compared to the way of life of the time. Subsequently, other larger denominations were minted up to 100,000 liras, today 50 euros.

It was with regret that we had to say goodbye to our beloved lira in 2002. The new currency was the euro, made up of different multicolored denominations. Coins have also reappeared among coins. Even today they are in circulation even though they tend to be hated.

A banknote, however, remains indelibly in the memories of the community. He went down in history because of the image wearing, The face on the paper money belonged to Dr. Maria Montessori. Light and creator of the new way of understanding school education.

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A firm and determined woman, the first to graduate in medicine under the impulse of the stronger sex. He discovered by pure chance his vocation to teach until the realization of an alternative and effective method. Even today the system is taken into consideration in many institutes.

Depending on the date of issue, a 1000 lira note bearing his likeness starts at a value of 50 euros and ends at around 200 euros each.

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