Take a shower during a thunderstorm? Scientists say NO. The reason why

Take a shower during a thunderstorm? Scientists say NO. Here is finally explained why. To read in one go.

Lightning (Image from Pixabay)

Probably when there is a storm outside, many people want to be pampered and take a moment to relax. Outside it is not possible to go out, so you have to spend your time indoors. A relaxing shower, why not?

The correct answer is no, actually. It is strictly forbidden to go underwater. Why? The answer comes from the scientists who finally explain to us the good behavior to adopt in case of bad weather.

Showering during a thunderstorm is definitely a physical safety hazard. Here’s how to behave

The bad weather in recent weeks has undeniably worried the Italians: considerable damage to the environment and to people. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see people struck by lightning.

Thunderstorm, Lightning (Image from Pixabay)

The recorded data is definitely alarming. It appeared, in fact, that every year about 25,000 people are struck by the power of lightning. Ten times as many are injured or permanently damaged. How should we behave then?

If we unfortunately find ourselves in the open air, we must avoid going to shelter under the trees. One of the safest places is our vehicle which protects from the possible fall of lightning on the car. At home, however, what to do?

It is necessary to move away as far as possible from water points: bathing, showering, washing dishes is not recommended. The reason why? Let’s say your house is struck by lightning. Electricity would pass in water pipes through the earth.

But that’s not all, because even the use of televisions, washing machines and other dishes thaws, since they are excellent conductors of electricity. Home is a safe place and should be experienced as such. Far from anything that can affect our safety.

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A good book and good music are undoubtedly the best and safest tools to enjoy a day of bad weather.

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