Marco Rubio Just Went Nuts on Twitter…

Wow. Marco Rubio is kind of awesome.

Last night, the former presidential candidate got on Twitter and unleashed sarcastic fury on the mainstream media.

First, he criticized two Washington Post stories that used anonymous sources:

Then, he criticized the “anonymous” people offering reporters those juicy quotes:

Rubio explained his future plans:

And hinted at a future run for president:
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Donald Trump Explodes on Twitter About His Loss in Iowa…

Donald Trump took a 13-hour break from Twitter after Monday’s Iowa caucus results where he finished second to Senator Ted Cruz. But now he’s back and . . . oh boy:

Okay, good start Donald. Very classy.

Good . . . good . . . okay time to put away the keyboard, Donald.

No, Donald, it’s okay. You did fine. Second place is solid. Just let it go.

Oh no, Donald, stop . . . Donald, please . . .

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Carson, Fiorina Gain Most Twitter Followers During Debate

Photo credit: keiyac via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

After the first debate, I pointed out that one of the leading indicators of Carson’s surge in the polls was the fact he won the Twitter debate: gaining 24,000 followers, or more than twice as many as runner up Sen. Marco Rubio’s 12,000 new followers.

This time the Twitter debate was a tie: Fiorina and Carson both gained 22,000 Twitter followers as the debate was broadcast.

Once again, everyone knows Carly had a great night. But what is the secret to Dr. Ben Carson’s appeal?

None of the pundits thought he had a particularly good night.

But if winning the Twitter debate is again a leading indicator, the Carson surge will continue, and Fiorina is poised to push ahead as well.

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