Watch This Congressman’s Speech. You Will Cry for America…

Congress is no champion of religious freedom, but religious freedom has a champion in Congress. His name is Steve Russell.

On May 26, Rep. Russell (R-Okla.) took to the House floor to speak for 26 minutes on the history of religious freedom, why the Founding Fathers thought it was so important, how it is being assaulted by radical leftists today, and why we must protect it against those unconstitutional assaults.

Rep. Russell understands that we are in the midst of a war with radical leftists for the heart and soul of this country. The very idea of religious freedom is the battlefield, and we cannot afford to give up this ground.

Watch the full speech below. It is, at times, depressing, but it is also very inspiring. Share this speech with your friends. This is our battle cry for religious freedom.

Here were my five favorite lines in the speech:

5.) (0:46) “I am saddened Madam Speaker that in our current day, the greatest assault on the free exercise of religion is being perpetuated by those most responsible to protect it—those who uphold the law. Worse still, we see our Armed Forces, whose singular purpose is to support and defend the Constitution now perpetually being used as the vehicle to subvert the very document they risk their lives to defend.”

4.) (3:11) “The groups under assault are often the best, if not the only, organizations able to offer the assistance they perform, doing invaluable work to relieve the suffering, aid the returning combat warrior, assist in the rehabilitation of substance abuse for those not adjusting well, and many other such services that have been going on for many decades. Continue Reading