Transgender Ideology More Important to the Left Than Children’s Health

In a recent op-ed for the Daily Beast, writer Elaine Korry argued that doctors should start using hormones to artificially block puberty for children experiencing gender dysphoria, or, as it is popularly known, transgenderism.

Gender dysphoria is recognized as a mental disorder by leading medical and psychological doctors. For the most part, they believe that it ought to be treated, not supported, because individuals with gender dysphoria are at risk for a number of other dangerous psychological problems, including self-harm and suicide.

Of course, Korry recognized these tendencies for mental disorders, self-harm, and suicide among transgender youths, even pointing to a recent Harvard study confirming this data.

Korry wrote, however, that parents of those suffering gender dysphoria ought to support their children’s delusions, going so far as to give them a cocktail of hormones and chemicals meant to postpone and alter the body’s natural, healthy maturation process. To her, this is the best way to fight the serious issues transgender youths face.

“Treatment with puberty blockers gives transgender children a breather so they can continue to mature and decide whether they will pursue treatment with cross-sex hormones or gender reassignment surgery,” Korry wrote. “For many families, the question is not whether to intervene with blockers, but how early to start.”

Of course, as Korry readily admits, “Data on puberty blockers is scarce.” There is not enough information to know if preventing the body’s natural processes is healthy or harmful to it biologically, so by blocking puberty, parents take a risk with their children’s health. Continue Reading