Cruz and Kasich Announce Cooperation to Stop Trump in Indiana, Oregon

From left: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Fox News reports on this breaking development:

“In a pair of simultaneously released statements, the campaigns announced that Kasich would pull out of Indiana to give Cruz ‘a clear path’ ahead of that state’s winner-take-all primary May 3, while the Cruz campaign will “clear the path” for Kasich in Oregon, which votes May 17, and New Mexico, which votes June 7.

‘Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be a sure disaster for Republicans,’ Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, said. ‘To ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico, and we would hope that allies of both campaigns would follow our lead.'”

Will this have an impact on Indiana’s primary next Tuesday?

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Is Oregon Cruz Country?

Photo credit: Oregon Department of Transportation via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Oregon Right to Life endorsed Ted Cruz this week: “His record on pro-life issues is impeccable,” said Gayle Atteberry in announcing the endorsement.

There has been no recent polling in Oregon, but the one available poll from a year ago (before Donald Trump entered the race) had Mike Huckabee leading with 21 percent and Cruz in second with 16 percent.

Mormons were 5 percent of the population in 2008, making them likely a larger share of the GOP electorate — not good for Trump.

The East Coast GOP appears headed for a big Trump endorsement. Will the West Coast go for Cruz?

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