The Federal Reserve Just Joined Facebook. Here’s How the Internet Reacted.

The Federal Reserve recently decided to create a Facebook page to interact with the American people. So far, the page has received very little attention — just 11,250 likes. It has, however, received the attention of a committed group of anti-Fed activists, and the results have been pretty hilarious.

How did the Internet respond to an innocuous post defining the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)?


It gets worse:

Somewhere Fed Chair Janet Yellen is banging her head on her desk…

This goes on and on for hundreds of comments. And, even more ridiculously, it is happening on EVERY. SINGLE. POST.

Some people are even using Facebook’s “report” feature to try and take down the page:

The anti-Fed trolling isn’t limited to the Federal Reserve’s official Facebook page. Check out this unofficial page that presumably existed prior to the launch of the official page. It includes a rating system, where Facebook users have given the Fed an average rating of 1.4 out of 5. Here are some of the reviews:

Yikes. Welcome to the Internet, Janet Yellen.

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I Read Evan McMullin’s Facebook Page So You Don’t Have To

I don’t agree with much that Damon Linker says, but I agree with him about this:

“If you’re feeling defeated and demoralized, weak and vulnerable, you probably want a president who will serve as your protector. That’s what I suspect a fair number of evangelical Trump supporters believe they’ve found in the Republican nominee.”

A strong horse beats a weak horse, or no horse. A chance beats no chance. Many decent people think this and will give Trump a shot.

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin

But unlike a great many of my friends and colleagues, I no longer see the next election as the most important political question. The most important political question affecting the future of this country is whether we can build an effective political movement to protect gay-marriage dissenters and abortion dissenters from the Left’s efforts to use government to punish, marginalize, and exclude us; to take away, via legal and economic pressure, our basic rights to organize, to speak, and to form associations that are seen as legitimate actors in the public square.

If we cannot, then the Left is going to proceed to make Christianity the legal and cultural equivalent of racism in law and society. And it is hard to imagine a conservative movement that matters at that point.

Want to know what I found in Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s Facebook posts? Read the rest of my piece at National Review.

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