Jeb Bush Talks Abortion, Death Penalty on “Meet the Press” (VIDEO)

Governor Jeb Bush talked in depth about his pro-life views during an interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday.  Bush expressed strong misgivings about the death penalty, saying he still supports it but that “it has to be reformed.”  Bush also reiterated his support for “exceptions” in abortion bans for cases like rape and life-threatening complications, but rejected Todd’s call for an ambiguous exception based on “health.”  You can watch the full interview below:

CHUCK TODD: In 1996 you told Larry King that you didn’t think Bob Dole should have a litmus tests for cabinet appointments or judicial appointments. That one issue shouldn’t do it, at the time —

JEB BUSH: Right.

CHUCK TODD: — referring to abortion. You said, ‘You know what? There’s 100 things that make somebody a conservative, not just one issue.’

JEB BUSH: Right.

CHUCK TODD: Do you still believe that? No litmus tests?

JEB BUSH: I don’t believe in litmus tests, but I’m going to make sure that my appointments to the Supreme Court would have a consistent proven record of judicial restraint.

CHUCK TODD: So you’re not going to ask a potential Supreme Court justice if they would overturn Roe v. Wade?

JEB BUSH: No, but I would ask deep questions about judicial philosophy, and then make sure that the person had a proven record. I think the lessons of the last few years is that you’ve got to fight for your candidates that you nominate, and they ought to have a clear, consistent record so that you have a higher assurance they’re not going to wander off.

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