The Top Five Grossest Things Dan Savage Has Said

Warning: The following includes vulgar language and explicit content which most reasonable people would find appalling (though apparently not Dan Savage).

The liberal media is relentlessly mocking Huckabee’s calls to boycott Frito-Lay for their “Rainbow Doritos” alliance with the It Gets Better project—created by self-proclaimed “sexpert” Dan Savage.  He says that his message boils down to “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Based on the things he’s actually said, it is doubtful he would actually like to live by this teaching.

With that said, here are five times that Dan Savage failed at being even a decent human being.

1.) When he proposed mandatory abortion as population control.

Even though he later attempted to defend his comment as an exaggeration meant to offend, try telling that to the women of China and the 400 million children lost to the one-child policy.

2.) When he discussed having violent hate sex with Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum.

Still trying to figure out how this fits in with the Golden Rule.

3.) When he casually challenged Ben Carson to “suck my d*ck.”

Although Carson has apologized for his choice of language in some of his comments about homosexuality, Savage unapologetically issued this open letter to the GOP candidate:

Dear Dr. Carson,

If being gay is a choice, prove it. Choose it. Choose to be gay yourself. Show America how that’s done, Ben, show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick. Name the time and the place and I’ll bring my dick and a camera crew and you can suck me off and win the argument.

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