Major Victory for Christians in California — Wow!

In the battle against the totalitarian Left, every victory is welcome. Christians and other people of faith should celebrate such a victory in California – but keep the powder dry for the protracted conflict.

We’ve reported (see here and here) on proposed California legislation that would have required private, faith-based colleges and universities (in shorthand for our purposes, “Christian universities”) to knuckle under to the state government’s sweeping anti-discrimination mandates if even one of their students receives state financial aid. The new protected class under this bill, of course, is LGBT students whose conduct violates the religious tenets of the university.

This legislation would have banned Christian universities from operating in any way that reflects negatively on LGBT behavior. Married-student housing would have to be made available to same-sex as well as heterosexual couples; transgender students would have to be allowed to live in dormitories for the opposite sex; student-conduct policies could not treat LGBT behavior any differently from heterosexual behavior. In other words, a Christian university that is founded on biblical principles would have to abandon those principles to the extent they conflict with the new sexual orthodoxy.

As David French of National Review pointed out, one of the more reprehensible features of this legislation was its use of poor students as pawns to advance the radical agenda. Presumably the students who take advantage of financial aid to attend Christian universities know that those institutions are (gasp!) Christian. Maybe that’s even why they choose to enroll there. But under the California bill, their very matriculation would force the universities to jettison the values and policies that attracted the students in the first place. Continue Reading