LGBT Activists Try to Hijack Proposal to Simplify GOP Platform

Photo credit: Erik Drost via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

In Cleveland, some delegates on the Republican Party’s platform committee reported that a pro-LGBT group tried to hijack a proposal to return the party to conservative principles.

Boyd Matheson, former chief of staff to Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), has worked closely with conservative intellectuals like Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn and historian David Barton to draft and advocate a platform for the GOP that aims to restate the basic principles of conservatism.

However, The American Unity Fund, a group bankrolled by billionaire LGBT activists like Paul Singer, tried hijacking this proposal and using it for their own agenda.

“It’s one of the filthiest things I’ve ever seen in politics,” Maryland delegate Ben Marci told The Daily Signal.

Apparently, delegates working for the American Unity Fund tried drumming up support for Matheson’s proposal in an attempt to have a floor debate on the GOP’s social agenda during the convention itself.

Delegates who support Matheson but oppose Singer’s group claim that delegates aligned with the American Unity Fund lied to them to get their support for pushing an LGBT agenda during the national convention.

“We are denouncing this effort for what it is: a desperate and divisive attempt to advance a personal agenda at the expense of the over 100 delegates who have spent hours crafting the platform for 2016,” Barton wrote with Matheson in an email.

Indeed, in many ways, the AUF’s hijacking represents the opposite of what Matheson sought to accomplish. Continue Reading