Switzerland, the remains of a prehistoric necropolis have been found. The details

Switzerland, the protagonist of a great archaeological discovery: the remains of an important prehistoric necropolis in the canton of Valais have been found. The VIDEO not to be missed.

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The term prehistory refers to that period of time that precedes the birth of writing. To be precise, it is divided over a period from 2.6 million years ago to the fourth millennium.

Prehistory can be divided into two macro-historical periods defined as the Stone Age and Protohistory. The discovery that we are going to tell you about is part of the second phase of what is identified as the Bronze Age.

It was only with the appearance of the first written records that scientists were able to interpret the signals left over time, reconstructing in more detail the historical context and periodization.

In Switzerland, the remains of an ancient necropolis have emerged in the Canton of Valais. Huge cultural growth for the territory

As we have just mentioned, the discovery in question sees the discovery of a necropolis dating back to the Bronze Age. What are we talking about and what are necropolises?

The Bronze Age refers to the historical period that is characterized by the use of metal and bronze work. It spans a period from 3400 to 600 BC. J.-C. While a group of close tombs can be identified with the necropolis.

The sensational archaeological discovery took place in Switzerland in the canton of Valais – precisely in the region of Savièse. The remains of a prehistoric necropolis belonging to the Bronze Age and dating from 2000 BC have been brought back to life

The excavation work was able to be carried out thanks to some surveys carried out by the Cantonal Office of Archaeology, which had previously brought to light some certificates from the necropolis. Let’s get into the details.

The arrangement of the tombs – defined in cist – imposed an additional excavation campaign which will see the end of the work at the end of August. About 18 tombs were found: it was only thanks to funerary furniture, such as a bronze tiara, that it was possible to date the excavation.

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Thanks to careful research, it has been possible to establish that the first settlements in the territory of Savièse and the first forms of burial date back to the second millennium and show how man entered Swiss territory.

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