suddenly thanks to the “routine”

Luck touched a millionaire scratch card. The super winner collects a record sum and the manager is doing well too.

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Since Monopoly decided to strike tickets and try its luck, Scratch and Win have experienced an exceptional media boom. They are on sale everywhere, especially in bars and tobacconists. Challenging the blindfolded goddess is child’s play.

Just buy a ticket, scratch and hope the desired win arrives. Many times it really is a coincidence. The seller can’t find the rest of the groceries and here’s the classic shopper’s phrase: “Give me a ticket then”. The most extraordinary victories have happened like this.

Thanks to this simple stroke of luck, many people found themselves millionaires in the blink of an eye. When there is a nice succulent kitty won by the player on duty, the limelight and also on the exercise. As is known, gambling is stopped by the state.

Scratch and win millionaire, the cry of exultation is also from the seller

When the gain is assured, the sum is never the one declared on the ticket. Taxes must be staggered, which sometimes represents half of the nest egg. There is also the trader who receives a respectable share for being the seller of the “big hit”

The news of the super lucky does not only come from the Italian peninsula. Even abroad, there are events in which ordinary people have won an impressive prize pool. News comes from a very lucky woman who made $4 million gambling

The woman used to exercise and do the usual routine. Do a little shopping, take your ticket, sit down and scratch it with the usual hope of victory. A sudden cry of exultation which also involved the manager of the tobacco shop.

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The woman couldn’t believe the blow. An impressive figure appeared in front of her and rubbed her eyes in disbelief. It was true! She was rich, she had earned an exorbitant sum. A crushing gain to be shared between the State and the merchant. Whoever does it alone does three.

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