study reveals what we see before we die

Astonishing scientific discovery: a study conducted by a group of American researchers reveals what we see just before we die. The details.

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Someone said that in life there are two things that are certain and inevitable: taxes and death. No one is able to go back and describe what it feels like, it shows, it feels at the precise moment when you are about to leave. It is precisely for this reason, for this uncertainty, that it is so frightening and mysterious.

Probably many of you do not know that it is also a subject of study and research by scientists who have always tried to answer a particular question: what exactly do we see before we die? Is there really the light at the end of the tunnel that everyone is talking about?

Extraordinary discovery: scientist Sam Parnia and his team study the reactions of people just before their death

We are faced with a more than legitimate question, especially if he happened to be at the side of a person at home shortly before his disappearance. Several experiences can be told.

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As mentioned, the moments before death are studied by scientists. The observations were made by a team of researchers from Critical Care and Resuscitation Research, a department of the New York School of Medicine that deals with death investigation.

It all started when scientist Sam Parnia saw fit to analyze some evidence related to pre-mortem experiences and then assess what the different behavioral responses are just before leaving. To do this, he used the help of a few fellow researchers from various universities in the United States.

Parnia monitored different reactions from people in hospital and of different ages. He pointed out how the body gradually begins to lose control and how we get closer and closer to a sort of gradual sleepiness. According to the expert team, we are able to see some important moments of our existence.

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By evaluating the reactions of individuals, the team of scientists does not rule out that the brain may have some sort of final phase in which it is able to think and reason.

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