strange footprints dating back 12,000 years

The latest discovery made by careful archaeologists is truly amazing. It really leaves you speechless.

Archaeologist’s tools (Facebook)

Archeology is certainly an exciting subject that fascinates anyone interested in the origins of man and planet Earth.

Even if, it must be emphasized, it is certainly not a simple activity, on the contrary, if one really wants to be honest, it can be quite complicated to often and voluntarily guess the different information that requires a fine interpretation.

But anyway, over time, thanks to careful researchers, it has been possible to arrive at valuable answers that we did not expect and which have helped us a lot to better understand the problems mentioned above. above.

Even today, however, to tell the truth, there are many mysteries which we would like to shed light on, but which, at the moment, it is not possible to know in greater depth.

In the meantime, however, something very intriguing has recently been discovered that might intrigue each of you. Let’s see, therefore, in the following lines, to explain more precisely what we are referring to.

In particular, the discovery in question was made in the United States, near an American base in Utah. Yes, that would seem unbelievable, however, it all seems to be true.

In fact, archaeologists, as it has been reported, would have seen more than eighty human footprints, belonging to both those who must have been adults and children, however dating back more than 10 thousand years, at the time called the Pleistocene. .

The other details

The area in question, which currently seems rather arid, according to specialists, could have been a fertile area for the first settlers several centuries ago.

The recent discovery (Facebook)

In addition, those involved in the research indeed also claimed to have seen elements suggesting a past presence of a hearth such as, for example, the coal of the stone devices.

In short, returning however to the fingerprints, it was also possible to give some additional details. In fact, it would seem that the children, who were probably flanked by their parents, could not have been more than twelve years old.

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Thus, the mud, which may have been under the sand where these individuals walked, meant that the signs were preserved in time. Well, really extraordinary, especially considering that so far only in the White Sands National Park have other such footprints been found.

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