Stop beer production, consumer protest begins: astronomical costs

Supermarkets complain about shelves full of beer. Companies that produce it are closing due to the current high cost.

Beer (pixaby)

What a situation, even the supermarket shelves launched a long complaint. It is now the turn of beer which is becoming scarce and nowadays it is one of the most sought after drinks. It joins the sparkling water that has not been found for a long time.

Blame it all on price increases. Italy is going through a bad period and seems to be going from bad to worse. The rise in prices does not subside and the economy suffers. You have to take a step back to fully understand how it was possible to arrive in these conditions.

At the beginning of 2022, the crisis in the East does not worry the leaders of the great powers a little. The head of the Kremlin holds the majority of gas and fuel supplies. Due to the conflict with Ukraine, he wanted to put higher prices on these goods.

Beer increasingly rare, the fault of rising raw material prices

The higher cost primary product put production industries in crisis and trade came to a screeching halt. To remedy the price increase, they in turn were forced to modify the initial prices. A succession of augmentations down to the smallest detail.

Beer (pixaby)

Until recently, traders complained about the lack of mineral water. Carbon dioxide producers had preferred to supply the confectionery industries where it is widely used. Today there is another product that worries because it is no longer available as before.

The beer is missing from the shelves and the speech is always the same. In addition to the ingredients with which production starts, the main effect is missing: carbon dioxide. Without this added nutrient, good beer cannot be brewed.

It has been reported that Yara International of Ferrara is one of the largest companies specializing in the production of ammonia, urea and fertilizers. In serial production also the famous carbon dioxide with which it supplied 30% of Italian companies.

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Due to the rising basic prices inherent in the materials to start production, i.e. gas and electricity, he decided to stop the machines. A collapse that led to a decrease in the supply of sparkling water and also the beloved beer.

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