Stefano Tacconi, the incredible request for the hospital bed

Stefano Tacconi is coming back to life thanks to his convalescence. The results are there and the athlete’s humor is as before.

Stefano Tacconi (instagram)

Stefano Tacconi is slowly but very surely moving towards a good recovery. The former Juventus goalkeeper is putting all his strength into recovering as quickly as possible. The family has always been by his side since the first moment of the sad circumstance.

The former sportsman who played for a long time with the lady accused a bad discomfort a few months ago. Now away from the sports fields, except to watch the matches from the stands, Stefano used to attend charities. A man very sensitive to the difficulties of the marginalized.

Some time ago, together with their son Andrea, they went to Asti to participate in an ONLUS dinner. A few hours earlier, Stefano had already declared that he had a headache. Suddenly he passed out and luckily there were 118 people ready to help him immediately.

Stefano Tacconi in top form, normalcy just a few steps away

He was first transported to Asti and then transferred to Alessandria where the medical team was unfortunately hit by a brain aneurysm and it was decided to put him under treatment, they succeeded and in fact Stefano is in great shape.

Andrea Tacconi kept in touch with her dear dad’s fans and they were always kept up to date with the facts. Now the former goalkeeper has a very strong spirit and, as his son Andrea said, is also in good spirits. Today, Stefano breathes on his own and every day he undergoes two physiotherapy sessions.

His sportsmanship was faithful to him. A character always well disposed with others and surrounded by a lot of friendship and attention from family members. Very soon he will be able to return to his daily life and in the meantime he is enjoying a well-deserved rest in a villa equipped with everything he needs to recover.

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The good news has delighted his admirers who are eager to find the communicative synergy of yesteryear. Stefano was very active on social networks and often invited to TV lounges. Everything will go back to how it was and even better.

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