spot unknown sea creatures in the ocean

Things of the Other World: Seeing strange, so far unknown sea creatures on the ocean floor. What emerges?

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Much of the discoveries we discuss relate to the surface of the earth, but anything that happens on the bottom of the sea is also worth considering. There really is a world to discover.

The creatures of the oceans, in fact, still remain particularly mysterious today and scientists try to bring out as much as possible their evolution and their behavior at the bottom of the seas.

We could even go so far as to speak of another world, of something that we know very little about. Let’s try to clarify what emerges from the last months of research.

Ocean, some sea creatures never seen before were found. What is it about? The answers of scientists

As we have just mentioned, what is happening at the bottom of the sea and the oceans is really something incredibly fascinating.

Ocean floor (Photo from Pixabay)

We don’t even have a clue how many different creatures inhabit the sea floor. This particular study is very important for scientists who are trying to shed as much light as possible on what is happening before our eyes.

Important revelations come about the discovery of mysterious creatures hidden in the sand and rocks. Researcher Michelle Nijhuis led the research and examined extraordinary hypotheses.

The common characteristic of these living beings is bioluminescence. What do we mean by this term? It is a very common phenomenon on the seabed and sees which animals emit more light than others.

From this concept, it was possible to witness the discovery of animal species never seen before. Indeed, the luminous trails that the latter left during their passage were analyzed.

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Today, research continues unabated, and scientists will continue to investigate this phenomenon, trying to analyze as many elements as possible.

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