some wooden structures emerged in Venice

A real sensational discovery of the past: wooden structures have emerged in the lagoon of Venice. Details not to be missed.

Venice Lagoon (Image from Pixabay)

Archaeological excavation campaigns are of fundamental importance for the recovery of the past and for the historical reconstruction of the city concerned. It’s the only way we have to get closer to a life we ​​haven’t lived.

The slightest testimony is capable not only of opening the doors of research, but also of answering the questions that archaeologists constantly ask themselves. The objective remains that of study, analysis and deepening.

Venice protagonist of a great discovery: an old quay emerges from the excavations

The protagonist of the discovery that we will talk about today is Venice, also known as Serenissima. In fact, from the excavations, a sensational treasure emerges.

Alberoni (Photo from Facebook)

The excavation work began at the beginning of the year and it is planned to continue until the end of 2023. Let’s start by saying that the affected area is that of the Alberoni, where after a first inspection it has decided to continue the mission. .

After a very first search, it appeared that wooden structures and stone elements were found. But that’s not all, because together with them some wicker containers with covered annex still sealed have also been relaunched.

At first, research and study of historical sources led to the analysis of an old map by Nicolò Dal Cortivo which led to the identification of a 16th century basin. Several hypotheses were taken into consideration, such as an area suitable for fish farming.

And again, it is thought to be an ancient wharf that left archaeologists not only with so much amazement, but also with so many questions to answer. New excavations will provide all the necessary answers and clarify the situation.

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Venice is a place full of wonder and in this regard a conference has been organized which will explain step by step what has been discovered so far and how we intend to proceed to bring the treasure back to life.

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