some are worth millions of euros!

Philately continues to fascinate Italians, who are increasingly looking for collectible stamps. Some of them are even worth millions.

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Collecting is one of the last passions of our country, with thousands of people each year following this passion with care. With the advent of technology, sending a letter today is almost rare, and the value of stamps has skyrocketed, of course, as long as they have certain characteristics.

Philately fascinates more and more, and online auctions are besieged by lovers of rare specimens. To have value, brands must be preserved as naturally as possible with excellent conservation, moreover the more they have defects, the better.

It’s true: stamps become rare and valuable if they have unusual characteristics, often due to printing or spelling errors. this is the case, for example, of the famous pink Gronchi, one of the most coveted specimens, which has an error in the borders of the stamped countries.

Precious stamps: for some, collectors pay millions of euros

It was in 1961 that the then President of the Italian Republic, Giovanni Gronchi, began his diplomatic journey to South America. For the occasion, stamps with a value of 205 lire were therefore issued which should have come into force from April 6, but after being printed it was found that the marks contained a geographical error.

The mark in question indeed excluded the part of the Amazon that was now part of Peru, and the country’s ambassador did not fail to complain about it with indignation. The stamps were then hastily withdrawn, to be replaced by the gray Gronchi. It is for this reason that today many collectors are looking for them with great attention, since there are still very few coins in circulation. But there is another stamp that philatelists dream of.

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This is the British Guiana 1 cent Black Magenta. This specimen, considered very rare, is highly sought after and truly worth a fortune. Suffice it to say, the sensational figure of €9m is valued online.

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