Snakes on the balconies? How to defend yourself: just use a precaution

They are scary but sometimes they are harmless snakes looking for food. An immediate solution is to be adopted so as not to find them again.

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Heat and snakes get along in love and harmony. Too bad these crawling creatures don’t inspire us with little fear. They are silent and terrifying for a long time, especially for those who suffer from a real phobia. Yet they are not as cursed as they seem.

We have always put these reptiles under the name of being poisonous and dangerous to man. All are not equivalent to the same race. If we really talk about vipers, our life can come up against poisoning but generally those that roam the gardens are good.

It is known that there is a very harmless type of snake that responds to the name of rat snake. It is found basking in the sun on rocks, gardens or even climbing on the balconies of the house. The poor guy just goes looking for something to eat and that’s why he goes everywhere.

Snakes at the entrance to our houses. Get rid of them without killing them

The common snakes that we come across on our way also feed on other reptiles. His culinary preferences include small saurians and bird eggs and the hatchlings of small mammals such as rats and mice. The species wanders during the day to better locate its prey.

snakes (pixaby)

The rat snake is all alone. In fact, snakes usually only attack if they feel they are in danger, otherwise they wander around crawling only to get lunch. It has an oval head, a rounded muzzle, round pupils, a slender body, with a long, thin tail.

It is an agile and fast snake that can measure up to 2 meters in length. Of course, thanks to his reptilian characteristics, he manages to climb walls and gutters. Here is the reason why we were able to find it in front of us on the balcony of our house.

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He’s a coward, when he hears a suspicious noise he runs away. If caught with bare hands, it defends itself with bites. Only then does it become dangerous. The species is protected and must not be killed. The only thing to do is let it wander. It will go away on its own without finding food.

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