Smart work, September is going to revolutionize everything. What changes for workers

The day after tomorrow, a lot will change for all those workers who have started working in smart work. From September there will be new rules.

Smart Worker (Canva)

With the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, millions of people began working from home as far as possible to follow the quarantine decided by the Conte government.

Smart work has thus entered the life of us Italians, and many have appreciated this way of working, which is decidedly more comfortable for obvious reasons. In fact, the cost of transport is eliminated, since you work from home, you manage your work more independently and when you are done working, you have more free time.

Companies have also seen improvements, especially in the costs related to electricity and in the case also of gas and the drop in the rental price, to the point that with the drop in Covid cases, many between them have chosen to maintain this formula for employees. From September, however, some things will change.

Smart work: new rules for workers start in September

Indeed, from 1 September 2022, the emergency phase of working from home will cease and therefore for those who want to continue working smart, an individual agreement between employer and employee will be required, as required by the 2017 law. it must be communicated to the Ministry of Labour.

For those who do not agree with their company, from the first of the month the return to presence will be triggered. Even fragile workers and those with children under 14 will have to return to the office until an agreement has been reached, as Minister Andrea Orlando said.

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Those still eligible are disabled workers, those with children under 12, workers with severely disabled children and caregivers. The Italian mentality, however, has changed, and this way of working is now part of many of us and does not want to leave it.

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