Sharks, do you know why they attack humans? They confuse us with the true prey of the oceans

Sharks, a study reveals a surprising truth about the species. The thesis is supported by subject matter experts from a well-known university.

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Only the word can terrorize you. Sharks have a bad reputation for being dangerous. During these years, many cases have been reported in which these living beings in the ocean attack humans circulating in their habitat.

Many naturalists and oceanographers have always tried to downplay this claim. They claim that these giants don’t actually attack as humans and certainly don’t eat them. The real reason is another and they have verified it through extensive research carried out in a set created for the occasion.

It must have been that Hollywood made soap operas where the protagonist was the very acrimonious “big fish” of salt water. Now comes unexpected news after a study conducted by the University of Sydney. The thesis overturns all the usual clichés. Let’s see in detail what follows from the discovery.

Sharks, and only one species the favorite prey of the masters of the depths

Subject matter experts have put together videos to verify the attack of marine animals on humans. The resulting result is truly stunning. First, three types of sharks were chosen as the protagonists of the test.

The tiger shark, the bulldog shark and of course the largest of all white sharks. In practice, the simulation involved an aquatic scenario in which these shark species were swimming. The seals and rubber forms of the divers had been immersed in the classic black suit.

Well, surprisingly, the sharks moved the same way to attack both prey. Seals are sharks’ favorite food. For them, the submarine is like their favorite meal thanks to the shiny black outfit. Here is what emerges from the study.

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Researchers are convinced that when sharks look at divers, they swap identities. The teachers in the sector are convinced that they believe this body belongs to a seal. Another side truth is that it goes without saying that sharks attack surfers on purpose for this very reason.

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